Why Is Hair Transplant So Famous

Date : 23 November 2020

Hair loss has become such a common factor among the population these days. Both men and women are getting affected. More than 80% of the people, of all ages, are suffering from hair loss directly or indirectly. The reasons for hair loss can be many in number. Some of them are stress, lifestyle, hair care routine, thyroid and PCOD.

Among so many hair treatment methods, hair transplant is one of the effective solutions for baldness and hair loss. It is a medical procedure in which hair follicles from the donor areas of the patient’s scalp are implanted in the areas where hair is thin or on bald spots. It means that the follicular unit are extracted from the various regions of the body and then implanted on the areas where hair is required.

It is a permanent method and does not require many visits to dermatologists. The effects of this method are not instant but are long-lasting. The client must remain patient and must take good care of their hair and scalp. Before starting, the client must go through all the tests and must talk to their dermatologists in detail. They must ask their queries regarding the procedure and tell about all the other health issues they are suffering from. Not every doctor is good at what they do, that is why before choosing any dermatologist you must check your google for the best dermatologists in Lucknow for hair transplant.

Most of the people who seek hair treatments because their hair health issue was affecting their confidence and self-esteem and they wanted to change their appearance. If you ask the reason from such people, they will tell how disappointed they felt before the treatment. This treatment can really help anyone in regrowing their natural hair. It will make them feel more attractive and beautiful.

These days there are so many methods to cure hair loss and baldness, some of these methods are surgical and some of them are non-surgical. Among them all, hair transplant is a surgical and permanent method. It is most reliable solution. These days both men and women are suffering from baldness and hair transplant is the one of the best ways to say goodbye to baldness. This is because statistics show that hair transplant have high success rates, the area which was affected before treatment will have hair which will not fall again. That means you won’t have any bald spots anymore.

One of the other benefits of hair transplant treatment is that after surgery, they require low maintenance on the affected parts. The transplanted hair is very normal and are treated just like normal hair. There are no special chemicals and shampoos are required to for transplanted hair. As it is a one-time procedure, many visits to the dermatologists are also not required hence cost required for the surgery is only for one-time. Normal hair care routine can be easily followed on the transplanted hair and no special shampoo or chemical is required for them.

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