Top 7 reasons not to purchase skincare products from an unsafe website

Date : 03 November 2022

Consider your skincare products to be fine wines. The handling and temperature control processes involved in truck transit and facility storage are essential to a drink's flavor and structure. In the summer, you shouldn't purchase a bottle of wine from the filling station while the windows are open.

Dermatologist in Lucknow considers the following are the top 7 reasons to avoid purchasing skincare items from an unreliable website:

  • Poor quality or being spoiled.

Best skin clinic in Lucknow, A shop that is not authorized cannot guarantee the quality of the product. Not only that, it won't function or be as "excellent," either. The quality could be poor, rotten, or hazardous, which is what we mean. Antioxidants oxidize when improper storage practices are used to store them. It may be worse to use an oxidized product than to use none at all. Product expiration dates may have passed. There aren't any rules! Many goods are even sold without an expiration date.

  • Usually, a price that seems too good to be true is.

Similar to the fake designer handbag and garment markets, there is now a fake skincare product business (especially now that products can be so expensive). Because of how prevalent counterfeit goods are in our market, prominent corporations have spent a lot of money fighting to locate and halt all sales of counterfeit goods. Unfortunately, it is far too simple for thieves to conceal themselves behind the anonymity of online purchases. There is no question that if your serum is normally expensive and you see it on sale, it is a fake.

  • Ingredients in fake goods that is dangerous.

The fake products not only have no value, but they might also be bad for your skin. One study discovered mercury in some of the bleaching creams from other nations that were examined. Others contain steroids, which might harm the skin permanently.

  • Difficult returns

When you buy something online, you sacrifice the security of being able to swap it or return it. Returns are accepted at our pharmacies at Skin Associates for any reason (e.g., if you have a negative reaction, believe it wasn't good for your skin, etc.). Online retailers don't provide that level of customer service.

  • Your dermatologist can provide the best skincare advice.

Finding the ideal product is much more difficult using online evaluations and descriptions. Rely on your knowledgeable dermatologist to provide advice tailored to your skin type and objectives. We are able to separate the genuine jewels from the marketing hype. We are much more knowledgeable about the science of the skin and the hundreds of substances accessible than the internet or the 20-year-old Sephora salesperson.

  • None to test.

You are unable to sample the product's aroma and feel before making a purchase online. Others might want a heavy cream, while others would prefer a thin serum. Some scents can be unpleasant. You have no idea what you are committing to unless you test it in real time. No matter how excellent the product is, we've heard customers complain that premium serums smell like hot dogs and they can't bear to apply them to their faces. Others claim that a well-known serum feels cheesy. Some find it annoying, while others don't. How will you know before making an online purchase? These are the small details that can influence whether you use a product regularly. If a product is left on your bathroom counter, it won't function.

Don't purchase additional pricey and "vital" items from the internet, just as you wouldn't purchase fruit or other perishables. You should be fully aware of what you are getting if you are going to spend the time using them and the money on skincare products. The same amount of care should be used with skincare products as you would with premium wine or rare fruit.